Friday, October 17, 2008

Dream, Oct. 17, 2008

I'm in the car with Karen and Sara; we are driving to our new apartment. We're in a very mountainous area, it reminds me of Aspen, CO. I whine because I think the apartment will be in the middle of the city surrounded by buildings. When we get to the apartment, it's really ugly and concrete, just a single plane of the same shade of concrete. It is reminiscent of a bomb shelter. It's sort of awkwardly perched on the side of a mountain with no visible way to get to it. Everything is really gravelly and gray.
All of a sudden we are at MCAD because Hilary has an exhibition. She has attached a bunch of random stuff to the walls in the main gallery and plays a tape recording of her coughing and blowing her nose. It repeats every 5 seconds.
Then we are back at the apartment and we are on the roof. It's very patchy looking with sections of brown and black and it looks very unstable. Sara runs out and starts jumping up and down and stomping and I get really freaked out because I'm scared that she's going to break the roof. It's really hot and dry outside. I finally convince Sara to come off of the roof and we climb down into the building on a very tiny staircase.
Then we're outside sitting on some rocks in the shade of the courtyard. We are surrounded by rocks and boulders. Everything is the same shade of light gray, including the apartment building. Sarah Julson is there with us. I look around and see some really amazing piles of rocks that are like sculptures. I mention that everything is really ugly. I look up and see this towering cliff right above us. It's very gravelly but has some grass on it. I am momentarily happy to see something green. We look out over the city and it looks really small. Someone says "I told you so" about not being surrounded by buildings.
Then we are inside our apartment. We have white curtains and there is a lot of light coming into the room. The walls are painted a very light "sea foam" type color. It feels like a sea-side cottage inside. Anna (my sister) is there, but she is a little boy (it's strange, I know in my dream that she is my sister, but she is a boy), complaining about something but I don't register what. We all go across the hallway to Carla's apartment (she is our R.A. somehow even though it's not a dorm). Carla's apartment is retro, with brown 70s shag carpeting and a bunch of knick knacks on the wall.
Then it's morning, we've spent the night at Carla's. Anna/boy has already gone back to our apartment and left her/his clothes at Carla's. I go back to tell Anna/boy this. She/he whines at me and tells me that she/he wants one of Carla's goldfish. Anna/boy carries water in her shirt to put the goldfish in. Carla and I put a goldfish in Anna's hands and she/he starts walking back to the apartment. Suddenly the fish leaps out and starts flopping around in the hallway on the carpet. I catch the fish and hold it tight in my hands. It squirms around in my hands trying to get loose. I run back into Carla's apartment, startling Carla who is on the phone with someone. I run to the vase where she keeps her three goldfish. The vase is really beautiful. It's light blue like sea glass, kind of large and urn shaped. I accidentally knock the lid into the water in the vase, (I remember in huge detail the vase, what the water did, and the fish), and put the fish back in. Carla runs over and I apologize for rushing in without knocking. She tells me I'm always welcome and that I don't need to knock.


charlotte ferguson said...

my favorite part is how hilary plays a recording of her couching and sneezing..

gets me every time.

ethanholbrook said...

This is very nice.