Monday, December 29, 2008

D&D Great Lake Swimmers Lars Man Headache Holla Fest Fun Fort Whoa Pookie

Hey ladies and mens!

It's me, Sara.

Today I played D&D for the first time and it made me really happy.
I made a character who would be my best friend in the whole world if he existed, which he does. His name is Lars Redbeard The Hippie Viking Who Wears Golden Boots. He has a great big red beard that surrounds his head like a big beard is wont to do. He wears tye-dye footie pajammmz, and is a little bit chubs in the belly from eating so many woodland berries (actually he probably eats biscuits). He wears very nice golden boots that give off rays of awesome, and he also wears a little viking helmet atop his handsome head. He has two scimitars (+1) named Queen Bitch and Bobo, which he flies into rages with. He is mostly Druid (dirty hippie) but also partly Barbarian, so occasionally he gets really mad and fights people and turns into a bear. He is very shy and awkward, and usually apologizes after decimating people. He lives in a cave in the forest, and has a tree fort which is filled with persian rugs and silk pillows. He makes tea, brews, and serves it to guests in his fort. Lars also has a wolf who is currently nameless and very small. Said wolf rides around in a backpack on Lars' back, menacingly. Lars' best friend (besides me) is Moses Hogmuffin (Ruth), a very handsome young wizard who wears a multitude of sweaters and has a toad named Gran, who is very nice. Moses likes to ride in the backpack with nameless wolf because he is so little.

In other news, I am listening to Great Lake Swimmers (thank you Molly) and it makes me very happy in the brains.

Oh wait! More news! I have a headache. Oh wait, also I got some new shoes, but not the neon ones yet, those are still in the mail. These shoes are very nice ones that look like loafer things and only weigh .0004 ounces. It's pretty nice.

Also, Holla!

Also, I had a fort day the other day and it was really rather delicious!!!! Even though not all of you have the blog type things, I love you very much thank you for the snuggs and I'm glad I beat you in Star Wars Monopoly.

Hope all you fellers and ladies are having a really rather lovely winter break.


P.S. To be expected soonish hopefully would be drawings of Lars and Moses doing all sorts of lovely things.
P.P.S. I love you Ruth! Also, I miss you Gage!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

James Jean

I love his sketchbooks of airport/airplane scenes, and the way he redraws faces to create awesome optical illusions.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Old Poem

grin at me with your honey-lemon smile,
my feet start sinking,
my head starts lifting.

body stretching that way this

thoughts turn to creme brulee
and maybe an old spoon to eat it with.

your honey-lemon smile,
makes me want a roadtrip, something
usually avoid.

wish I had the voice to speak out loud
had that soft sweet syrupy tenorbassharmony
in that voice box keyed
in the minormajor of D

thank you, honey-lemon