Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My dear friend Peter Steineck posted this spectacular music video on his tumblr, and I couldn't help but post it again on my little corner of the online world.

Gives me the shivers.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Summer Sums

Finally, summer.

1. Eating sour worms at Library Park, killing my first mosquito of the year, hugging my best homies.

2. Seeing Star Trek with Charlie at the drive-in theater. The stars blew my mind. I think I need to live at the drive-in this summer, if only to look at the sky every night. The sunset was phenomenal as well. I love Colorado.

3. Bike riding across town and back (approx. 18 miles is my guess) in 90 degree weather with Molly, Ruth, and Anna. Stopped for ice cream at Dairy Queen, took a play break/dying-of-heatstroke break at "Blind Kid Park" (Spring Creek Park). So brutal, so fun.

4. Playing with Molly while she was visiting, making the fluffiest pancakes on earth. Infinity sleepovers, P&P, being smelly, playing Sim City 4 for hours on end.

5. Birthday dance party/pinata/most boring game of star wars monopoly ever. I am the worst at pinatas... There was also a glorious fire pit/marshmallow & hotdog roastie that occurred. I'm pretty sure there was a mountain lion in the vicinity, as I heard the tell-tale cough sounds they make, and Rocket was acting super weird.

6. Actually turning 19.

7. LOST season finale

8. so much more, but I'm tired of this post already. haha.

I leave you with this video.

Today it has been raining without cease. It is beautiful, green, smells good, and sounds good.

yours, sara

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Not quite sure what to think about this. For now, I'd have to say it's pretty damn EXCELLENT.


If you're feeling a little bit more crazy, check out Jon Rafman's website (the creator of sleeping shepherd boy) for a bounty of super odd, media-related projects.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


My last full week of school has passed. As I am sure many people agree, it is a bittersweet time. It's strange, but I feel almost as reluctant to leave as I did last summer, when I left home to come to Minneapolis for the first time. For those of you reading this post, I want to thank you for all of the memories I have of this place and these people (as I'm sure I already have in forrealz life, yo). This year has really been most swell, which is saying a lot, for I have many swell years behind me.

On the other hand, I can't wait for a summer of fun to begin! I guess I just wish I could have been able to leave Minneapolis a little bit later, so I could relax in a post-finals daze with the rest of my home dogs.

Enough reflection.

Here are two photographs that I took for my photo final, though I won't actually be using these particular prints. (However, they are my favorites.)