Monday, January 26, 2009

Portland-City of Wonder

I've been thinking about moving places, and I have decided that I would love to live in Portland, OR. I have a bounty of reasons, and today I have yet one more.

Feast your eyes upon the glory of this beardly article!

"A beard is a friend who is always there to give you a hug."

I'm thinking of starting my own beardly blog. I shall keep the few of you who read my blog posted.

Love to my home dogs,



katelyn sue said...

Sara, that is absolutely wonderful.
This article made my otherwise crummy day enlightening.

Marissa Lundin said...

O M G.

So great! You and Portland were made for one another I think. And I am so glad beards are getting the respect they deserve!

Lately I have been considering going to stay with my aunt for the summer out West...perhaps we can visit one another if you come!!!