Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sara makes stuff?

Dearest friends,
I have finally dragged myself out of my lazy for approximately thirty glorious minutes of scanning. Feast your eyes upon the fruits of my labors! A cornucopia of sketches, yetis, unicorns, pants, and big love awaits.

I am hugely excited for my media project, so if anyone wants to help me by modeling or making paper things with me, that would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to get into the studio to do my shooting, but if that does not pan out, then I will use a table or a wall or a bathtub, or your pajamas. Preferably the pajamas, in fact. I've been inspired by 'Science of Sleep', and want to do some construction of some mushrooms and trees for people to be finding and eating. I just need to narrow down all of my favorite passages (there are many) by John Cage... I'll keep you posted. Please let me know if you are interested. I need ladies and mens. I will shower you in bear hugs, normal
hugs, movie nights, maybe some chips because we have a lot of those, and tea and/or cocoa (you could even try out my new invention: tocoa, or cea, or tocea, or cocea, etc. It's tea and cocoa in the same cup! I haven't even tried it, so you could be the first ever! This is serious business).

It's business time!!

With love,

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Marissa Lundin said...


I would be more than glad to help you! Speakig of paper things, there are some amazing paper cuts at the MIA by Sonja Peterson. You must go see them!!!!!