Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Friends,
Since I decided I should probably not write my second draft of my research paper (I mean, that's the logical thing to do, correct?), I felt the need to browse some websites in search of mildly interesting findings instead.

Today felt like these things should have happened:

1. Tea
2. Blankets
3. Sweaters
4. Lightning
5. Snuggling

Also, my favorite mug has a crack in it, and when I poured really hot water on one of my pom glasses, it broke! Who knew!?

Back to the results of my procrastination:

1. This one is for Karen:

2. This one is for Ruth:

3. This one is for Marissa:

4. This one is for Ethan:

5. This one is for Jamie:

6. This one is for Julson:

7. This one is for ZZZZZ!:

8. And this one is for me, because I like magic A LOT:

Okay well now it is a little bit late, and nothing too exciting has happened, so I figure I should probably go to sleep. Eventually.

Best of everythings to everybody,



Marissa Lundin said...

Agreed: much more productive than writing a silly research paper! Thanks for that!

Sarah Julson said...

I never realized my love for animal drawings until someone pointed it out for me. Thanks for the beav!

ethanholbrook said...

thanks for that! it was nice. Are these all from FOUND magazine? except for the panda... i recognized MOST of em.

Ruth said...

Man, is she ever...

Love you pootiecakes!

margot the magnificent said...

I did that same thing with hot water and a glass. Only it was hot chocolate, and it made everything it spilled on sticky.