Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Death & Glory Part 1

Dear Friends,

Today I took Death & Glory out for a fast, furious, rather short-lived, but excellent bike ride! Hilary and I decided spontaneously to quickly pump up our sagging tires and go on a quick jaunt before it got dark! It was fantastic, though I quickly found out how wimpy my legs are. I'm going to have to do some serious training! So, like many plans I don't go through with (though I WILL with this one), I want to go bike riding at least once a week! If anyone is jivin' to that groove, let me know because I hope to see your bootie on a bike! (But not going faster than me.)

I saw a multitude of fine objects on our excursion and continuing into my evening, among them:
1. a very dapper black cat
2. a blanket of cigarette butts covering the concrete just outside my apartment building
3. 2 bearded bikers
4. old man running w/ wedgie
5. white stuffed animal on the bike path
6. a beautiful, but subtle sunset

Though I could write for a long time about how awesome my weekend was, how glorious the weather is, and how much I love my vest (among other things), I won't.

This is a call for adventure, so if any of you 9 blog followers wants to hang out with me and do something nice (even if it just means sitting at the picnic tables or getting ice cream [especially getting ice cream...oh my. I need to do this now...]) please drop me a line.

In other news, I am listening to Boston, and it is kickin'.
Other listens this week were Creedence Clearwater Revival, America, Blitzen Trapper, Bon Iver, and Raffi.



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Marissa Lundin said...

Hello Mary Lou, Goodbye Heart! Sweet Mary Lou I'm So In Love With YOU!!!!