Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Drawings and Process

These are out of order but I don't feel like moving them.

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's a bunch of images from my sketchbook and process for projects I'm working on. The drawings of Sonic are related to a live brief we are doing for YCN. The brief is for Sega, and prompts us to design a piece that celebrates Sonic's 20th anniversary. I've done a few idea-changes, and am now compiling a book of Sonic fan art, hopefully including fan interviews as well. So, if you know anyone who has any sort of experience with Sonic, or fan art of Sonic, please let me know!

These sketches are for the 2nd year design&illustration fundraiser club nights, rather crassly dubbed 'fingerbang'. Julie & Lauren(studying from KC, MO) and Michael and I have been invited to do the poster for the next club night. Michael and I did the illustrations, and Julie and Lauren did the graphics! I think they'll be screenprinted, which will be quite nice!

This is a bit of process work for a project called 'Exhibition in an Envelope', in which I am making a series of posters about the telegraph pole in England. I'm primarily going to focus on structure and components, borrowing aesthetic touches from the telegraphs themselves.
Aaand all this is just random sketchbook doodling.

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