Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You know, I am in a stuck place.

Every day I think I want to do something else. The truth is, though, that while I am thinking about all the things I want to do (ex. in the last week I've wanted to be a backpacker for money, owner of a bookstore, owner of a tea/coffee shop, organic farmer, hobo, book designer, designer/fine artist, nice things maker, art director, hermit in a cabin, etc etc), but anyway, while I am thinking about all the things I want to do, I am not actually doing anything.

So I guess I just drew some pictures of myself and also Sonic the Hedgehog. GO GO GO GO GO!


That was a chant so that maybe I will feel like there is a large crowd waiting for me to score 90 goals (aka make good stuff).

I mean, damn, I'm in Brighton-the land of TIME.

WHOA. Look at the clock! It's TIME TO GOOOO!

tee hee

. . . . . .



Elsa said...

I myself will be going with the hobo option as far as life goals, and I find this to be a very reasonable and leisurely lifestyle.


Thank you.

Elsa said...

Regarding your dream:

This is most definitely prescient and when I do unlock my goat language talent, it's going to be just like Harry Potter and his parseltongue, only slightly less badass. Or more badass depending on your stance on goats v snakes.

My word verification is scankles, truly. Scankles.