Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am very tired. Soon I will sleep, only to awake early in the morning to begin a day full of work. Today whilst I was procrastinating and struggling through my still only half-finished Flash animation, I found these videos. I'm not sure entirely how I feel about them, but I think-for now-that they are beautiful, in a certain way. The music is nice, too. They are just type animations that are millions of times better than mine. I'm very tired of looking at my project, and I think that's clouding my judgment of it. I wish I could gain a renewed outlook on the damn thing, because I'm pretty sure that it's actually quite nice.

Why can't we just have snuggling and no obligations?

If anyone wants a hug this week, let me know, because I'm pretty sure I'll take one; any day, any time, any place (except for the toilet, I think).



P.S. Strangely, I've begun to lament the Flight of the Conchords concert, which I know I should not do. It's just that it puts such a deadline on this school year, and my time in Minneapolis. Maybe I will pack all of you wonderful people up in my mom's Bug and make you stay in Colorado all summer. We will go hiking, have fort making parties, dance parties, go backpacking, go biking, and kayaking, among other things. We would also eat tacos, I think.

I wish everyone the best of luck with finals, and living in general. Try not to frown too much!

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Ruth said...

Those clouds look as if they're pooping!

(why does my brain always have to take it there?)

Also, don't lament FoTC because I miss you and need you home for super fun times and many snuggles.