Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flash Animation

Alright, so I JUST finished my flash animation for class tomorrow. It's a section of MC Chris's song, Fett's Vette. Hope you enjoy it:


Just now, Z showed me Piotr's examples for his class, and I wish I had their assignment instead of Travis'. Sorry Travis, but I'm digging the more abstract animation...

EDIT: Just watched the video in the Blogger setting, and there's TONS of lag. If you want to see the forrealz video, just tell me and I'll give you a private screening on my laptop, complete with party time.


Marissa Lundin said...

Hooooooray! Great job, I will find you tomorrow so I can watch it AND hug you afterwards!

ethanholbrook said...

Piotr > Travis... just sayin

Vvinni J. Gagnepain said...

Looks neat! Once May comes around I'll probably post up an animation I'm working on.

I would also comment on the capability of these two professors, but sadly I do not know either of them. However, Brent Kliewer (Pronounced "Cleaver") is amazing. He's just amazing, you guys. Well... he was because he was fired at the beginning of the year.