Sunday, February 8, 2009

beautiful warmies for your fancy.

Sorry for the slew of blog posts, but I have had this clipping from Dwell for a long time, and I just realized that I should probably share it and other wondrous things like it with all of you wonderful ladies and gents.
My friend Rachel cut this out of Dwell and gave this to me senior year, and I've cherished it ever since. It's well loved and is pinned to my wall. (Thanks Rachel...)

Some other wonderful things from the same designer (Vik Prjonsdottir):

[The Seal Pelt]

[The Twosome Blanket]

Go check out those warmies!

Also, I highly suggest reading the scandinavian myth posted there. There's been a movie made of it called The Secret of Roan Inish (much recommended to you by me!)



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yayaclaws said...

I love the horse blanket they have. If I had hundreds of extra bucks, it would be mine.