Thursday, February 19, 2009


Charge your phone while you ride your bike!
"Imagine never having to plug your cellphone into the wall again! Now you can just plug it into your bike with Oscar L’Hermitte’s “Watts Maker” cell phone charger. The system consists of a small kinetic generator that provides power to your mobile phone while you take an evening ride around the neighborhood or pedal to work. This model takes about 90 minutes to go from dead to fully charged, and it produces energy as long as the wheels keep turning."

via| Inhabitat

This makes me so happy! Now I want to get one of these AND bike lights. Though, bike lights are definitely higher on the priority list...


Sarah Julson said...

I'll probably go into the shop late Saturday morning. I'll let you know!

Audrey said...

Yeh. You be needing bike lights! I will send you money. It is scary to ride without lights, and bike safety is foremost on my mind today having almost been blown BY THE WIND into a semi truck. What. The winds have been most capricious recently.