Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For My Fellow Beard Lovers; a Treat.

Dearest friends,

Recently, a wondrous website chock full of witty and comical beards, not to mention interesting and thought-provoking illustrations (admittedly the main intent of the site), as well as humorous t-shirts (complete with the most fashionable and full facial hair) has come to my attention. Upon seeing the website for the first time, I was overcome with emotion and awe. As I felt my heart on the verge of explosion due to intense awesomeness, I had to look away in order to save myself and others in the room from horrible (yet amazing) death. I implore you, if you do nothing else today besides feed yourself and marry your buttocks to your couch, just visit this website. Please take any necessary precautions that will ensure your survival.
[above image copyright Ginger Beards!]

I present to you; Ginger Beards.

Wishing you all the best of Wednesdays,

Yours Forever,



mb said...

You totally scooped me. My buddy and I were cracking up about this site last week but my post is still in queue. It's great, isn't it?

Happy bearding!

Marissa Lundin said...

OoooooooooooooooomyGOSH!!!!!!!!! A million kudos to you, good find Sara!

Terry and Pete are cute, but Doug definitly has the best beard!

You should submit a pic of your beard suit to this guy!